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The hero replies,"I am Bond, Covalent Bond." - Prachi

Are you a negative thinking person? Blame your genes

A single gene can influence how clearly you recall emotionally intense memories. The gene, called ADRA2B, is involved in detecting brain chemicals related to emotional activities.

Some people are most likely to see the world darkly. According to researchers, there is a previously known gene variant which causes individuals to perceive emotional events, especially negative ones, more vividly than others.

People with a particular gene variant are better at remembering emotionally laden memories than people with the more common version of the gene. A single gene can influence how clearly you recall emotionally intense memories, neuroscientists have shown. ADRA2B is involved in the transport of a chemical called noradrenaline in the brain.

People with the variant version show increased movement of this chemical between brain cells, a process that is linked to emotional calming.

Genes are most of the times responsible for our negative thoughts and make us think negative about everything or every emotional activity we do.

Now you know. Hmmm...
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