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Did you know that your Ears and Nose never stop growing?

We believe that we've stopped growing after 18? Then how come your nose and ears continue to grow? Let's understand what some scientists discovered.

Bones stop growing after puberty and muscle & fat cells also stop dividing. But cartilage, that's the plastic-like stuff in ears and nose - continue to grow until the day we die. Not only does the cartilage grow, but the earlobes elongate from gravity.

As we observe that older people have larger noses and ears, which proves that they don't stop growing at any particular age. Some people resort to Rhinoplasty to pare down that bulbous nose.

As we get older, and rest our body shrinks, our nose, earlobes and ear muscles keep getting bigger. That is because they're made mostly of cartilage cells, which divide more as we age and connective tissue begins to weaken.

The majority of other body parts like eye growth occurs in early life, and continues growing slowly until the time the body finish puberty.

Well, that's that.
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