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Embarrassed about a growling stomach? Here's why it happens!

Our stomach is similar to a carton of juice. When the carton is full, it will not make any noise, however, when it is almost empty, you shake it and it will make some noise. Read on to know why our stomachs growl and make funny sounds which land us in awkward situations.

Everyday Chemistry - Embarrassed about a growling stomach? Here's why it happens!

When your stomach growls, you are probably hungry! It is like a carton of juice. When it is full, it is silent but when it is empty, it makes noise. It is important to take meals at the right time. But sometimes due to busy schedules it can't be done. But if you do hear the growling sound, you know it's your body's way of telling you to grab a quick bite!

Why does my stomach growl?

There are many physiological processes involved during the digestion process. Once the food is digested, it has to be pushed through the intestinal tract. The stomach is muscular and it tends to frequently contract to help circulate the digestive juices.

When your stomach is empty, these juices slosh around with the gases generated during the process of digestion thereby generating the distinctive growling noise we hear. The noise is also caused when the walls of the stomach come in contact with each other.

Although your stomach growls often indicate that you are hungry; it is not always the case. It could also mean that the stomach is empty or relatively empty. For example, you could hear growls in the middle of the night while the stomach is processing food eaten during the day. You probably just don't realize because you're asleep!

Your stomach growls could also indicate that you have irritable bowels. As a result, you may experience extreme cramping or other gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhea. If this does happen, see a doctor to make sure that everything is well with your digestive system.

Interesting Facts about stomach growling

The issue of growling stomachs interested the Greeks so much that they developed a word to describe it. They called it as borborygmi, which means, "growling." Some doctors refer to stomach growling as borborygmi as a more polite term.

Growling of the stomach is not a cause for concern; in fact it is simply a part of the natural digestive process. Stomachs growl because the stomach never fully ceases its digestive wok. In fact, digestive juices continue to work for a while even after death.

So the next time, your stomach growls, you know why it is happening and you can avoid the unpleasant situation by ensuring that you've had your meal!

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