Q: Which is the smartest element in the world?

A: Einsteinium, of course!

Arun's mission goes beyond lake cleaning

He's just 25 and doing the unexpected but much needed Environmental Reclamation. It started with a lake clean up in Chennai for which he also won the Prestigious Rolex Award

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Two Girls and their mission to clean up Varanasi Ghats

What does it take to clean up years of abuse at the Varanasi Ghats? Two girls; a hashtag and the willingness to get the job done.

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Dead People can get Goosebumps

Dead people get Goosebumps. But not in the same way that you and I do.

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A Lightning Bolt is 5 times hotter than sun

Lightning can reach temperatures of 30,000 kelvins (53,540 degrees Fahrenheit), compared to the surface of the sun, 6,000 kelvins (10,340 degrees Fahrenheit).

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That Sweet Scent of Rain

Step outside after the first rain and experience the sweet, fresh, powerfully evocative smell of fresh rain.

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At the end of it, you spent 25 years sleeping

Sleep Research is becoming a big thing these days. While you sleep, your brain stays busy, looking a wide variety of biological maintenance that prepares you for the day ahead.

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Women talk three times more than men.

Women really do talk more than men. They use an average of 20,000 words a day, compared to the mere 7,000 that men utter.

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Are you a negative thinking person? Blame your genes

A single gene can influence how clearly you recall emotionally intense memories. The gene, called ADRA2B, is involved in detecting brain chemicals related to emotional activities.

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Can Humans smell fear?

The stuff that of pulp fiction; may just about have an explanation in science.

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Music and the heart, the connection may be scientific

Music can help keep your Cardiovascular System in Tune.

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