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Arun's mission goes beyond lake cleaning

He's just 25 and doing the unexpected but much needed Environmental Reclamation. It started with a lake clean up in Chennai for which he also won the Prestigious Rolex Award

Arun Krishnamurthy, initiated a campaign to clean his favourite lake Kilkattalai in Chennai. He's now successful cleaned 17 lakes in the country with a few more on his radar. He was chosen for the prestigious Rolex Awards for Enterprise award in 2012 for this effort.

Arun said, "Lake Kilkattalai, which feeds the Pallikarani wetland, is home to several species of birds and pond turtles. It is being choked. If it continues this way, 20 years down the line, this lake could become a forgotten story. I am determined not to let that happen".

He relentlessly works towards conserving the ecology across India working with schools and a large volunteer base.

We asked him about the Water Hyacinth problem since this free-floating perennial plant clogs waterways, making boating, fishing and almost all over activities impossible. It also kills the marine life. Arun explains, "We focus on manual and mechanized removal of the hyacinth to prevent future growth. The inlet regulation of the water body is an ambitious task and without community involvement, this isn't possible. And this is what is making controlling water hyacinths a difficult task".

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