What did the chemist reach for when he was hungry between experiments?

Ba(Na)2 = Banana

What is the colour of blood?

Spiders, lobsters and snails have blue blood.

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Myth: There are 24 hours in a day

Some people think a day is too short. They might just as well be right you know. Most people think that a day is exactly 24 hours and that it never changes. They are wrong, sort of.

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The Human Eye as a 576 MP Camera

Ever clicked a pic that did not quite capture what you actually saw? Here's why

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Did you know that your Ears and Nose never stop growing?

We believe that we've stopped growing after 18? Then how come your nose and ears continue to grow? Let's understand what some scientists discovered.

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Blood Vessels can be counted in Miles

An adult has 100,000 miles of blood vessels which is enough to stretch around the equator four times

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Human Being = 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Atoms

The number of atoms in a person is almost too big to write out. We just can't imagine that our body is made up of such a big number of atoms that can't even be seen and counted as well.

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Only 1% of World's Water is Drinkable

Over 70% of the Earth's surface is covered with water and we have just 1% of fresh water available.

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The human brain has the same consistency as tofu

The human brain is very soft, yet firm.

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Need to relax? Smell a chocolate.

The smell of chocolate triggers something in the brain which then relaxes us.

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Your brain has taste receptors

Human taste receptors are also found in some unexpected places of our body - the brain, for instance

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