A neutron walks into a restaurant and orders a seven-course dinner. When she's finished eating, she asks the waiter how much she owes.

The waiter replies, "For you, No Charge!"

Protocells May Have Formed in a Salty Soup

What came first - the chicken or the egg? This is a riddle that has been asked for centuries with no conclusive answer. It is perhaps one of the biggest mysteries in the origin of species. Have you ever wondered how the first living cell came into being? A very similar question plagues biochemists regarding the origin of the first cell.

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New Catalyst Could Cut Cost of Making Hydrogen Fuel

With depleting levels of conservative energy fuels like petroleum and oil, the interest in alternative energy sources has increased in the recent years. The future of 'Hydrogen Economy' has been a popular debate in the clean energy circuit. A new study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison may help usher in this era sooner than expected.

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Global Warming may not be caused by Carbon Di-oxide!

We have constantly been told that Carbon Di-oxide, chemically known as CO2 is the main culprit contributing to global warming. However some interesting observations made by scientists at Waterloo's Faculty of Science states that this assumption might be a mistake! What makes this study controversial is that, it further goes on to say that Global Warming is in fact caused of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that are otherwise associated with Ozone layer depletion.

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New Technique Developed to Track Cell Interactions in Living Bodies

A new study by researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine have devised a way to study how cells interact within a living organisms body. This study's practical application is directly related to a process called 'Metastasis' that occurs when a body is inflicted with cancer. The researcher's findings, if and when commercially viable will be able to track cancer growth and thus stop it as it spreads.

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Life on Mars - A true possibility!

Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun and Earth's closest neighbour has long been seen as an alternative home to humans after Earth. Since the conditions on Mars (certain parts of it at least) are very similar to the environment found on earth, scientists believe that there is a very real possibility that Mars might support life. However till now, there has been no such evidence found hence scientist believe that Mars might be similar to earth in some ways but in terms of life evolution, it might just be in a primordial stage. A recent study by Colorado Boulder has increased interest in this study

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New Mechanism Converts Natural Gas to Energy Faster

Natural gas has been a highly sought out form of unconventional energy that could potentially replace fossil fuels in the future. It is both naturally produced and so also made available by natural gas plants that harvest this mixture of hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and hydrogen sulphide from leftover fodder, animal waste etc. A new research by scientists in North Carolina State University seeks to increase the efficiency of natural gas extraction and has managed to speed up the process by as much as 70% quicker. Let us learn more...

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Unique Method for Creating Uniform Nanoparticles Developed

Supported by National Science Foundation, Researchers at the University of Illinois has synthetized a uniform nanoparticle for the first time. Headed by Hong Yang, a bimolecular engineer at the university, this particle is being called 'Platinum Icosahedra'. This particle could have great application in both theory and practice. Let us learn more about how it was created and what it can do.

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How Vitamin E Can Help Prevent Cancer

Vitamin E is one of the most common anti-oxidants found in our daily diet. It is found in everything from Sunflower oil to potatoes. Researchers at Ohio University have conducted a study that may prove vitamin E far more indispensible to our diet than we thought. In fact it may even prevent cancer! Let us learn more...

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DNA catalysts do the work of protein enzymes

All through school, when we learn about the different chemical groups found in our daily diet, there is special importance given to proteins. Proteins are often called the 'building blocks of life', because of their importance in the growth of the human body. On the other hand, DNA, which is the carrier of genetic information, works as the blue print that proteins use while executing their function. Both groups serve important functions, both very distinct.

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New Coal Technology Harnesses Energy Without Burning, Nears Pilot-Scale Development

Since the break of the industrial revolution in the late 19th century, coal has been one of the most important sources of non- renewable energy. But there are some major problems associated with coal. One, it is limited. Two, from the existing coal at disposal; often its full energy is not extracted. However, scientists at Ohio State University have found a process that can help harness maximum efficiency, marking a turning point in clean coal technology. Let us learn more...

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