What do you call a ghost that haunts a chemistry lab?

A methylated spirit.

Discovery of Hair Dye

When hair turns grey, people dye their hair with the shades of their preference. But have you wondered how this hair dye made a debut....

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Angiography: A boon for people!

Angiography is a method that has gained immense popularity over the recent years. Let us find out more about this medical advancement.

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Why are tomatoes red?

Tomatoes add a flavour to food and make the food item more interesting and appealing. Have you ever wondered what renders the red colour to these tomatoes? Let us find out...

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Why is your hair curly or straight?

Some are naturally born with curls while there are few others who rush to the salons and spend a fortune to deliberately curl their hair. What makes our hair straight, curly or wavy? Let us find out...

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What is a Hangover and how do I get rid of it?

Whenever there is a party or a holiday season coming up, adults end up drinking. Every person has his or her own favourite way of curing hangover. However, here are some chemicals that will help you get over a hangover.

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Embarrassed about a growling stomach? Here's why it happens!

Our stomach is similar to a carton of juice. When the carton is full, it will not make any noise, however, when it is almost empty, you shake it and it will make some noise. Read on to know why our stomachs growl and make funny sounds which land us in awkward situations.

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How do pregnancy tests work?

Pregnancy tests help in knowing if the woman is actually pregnant or not and are considered as 97 per cent accurate when it comes to results. Let us find out the chemical activity involved in these test kits.

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Magnetic therapy as alternative medicine

Alternative medicine is based on old primitive methods, traditional medicine, folk knowledge, spiritual beliefs and new approaches to healing. Magnetic therapy is also one form of alternative medicine. Let us find out how it helps and how it came into being...

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Rewind back to the discovery of shoes

Today, we have a huge variety when it comes to shoes. Have you ever given a thought on how the first shoes were? Who invented them and could people afford them? Well, let us rewind back to find out the history of shoes.

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Chemotherapy: A boon for those suffering from cancer

Chemotherapy has now become an indispensable part of any cancer treatment. Let us find out how this treatment evolved...

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