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History of Sunscreens

Have you ever wondered how these so-called important sunscreens ever come into existence? Who invented this indispensable thing? Let us find out...

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How Hand Sanitizers Made Their Debut

With today's realization on hygiene and germ-free world, hand sanitizers have hugely replaced the traditional soap and water in many places. Let us find out how this hand sanitizer evolved...

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Learn How Bubbles Work!

Bubbles manage to fascinate most of us, no matter which age group we belong to. Everything has a science involved behind it and bubbles are no exceptions. Let us unveil the secret behind how these fascinating transparent balls work...

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How do mood rings work?

We have all heard of finger rings, but have you heard of mood rings? Just as the name signifies, these rings help in knowing the mood of the person who is wearing the rings. Let us find out more about these rings...

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How do Pop Rocks Candies work?

Have you tried the pop rock candies? Pop rock candies are the hard popping candies that create a popping effect in our mouth, the moment we taste them. It may make us feel weird but they are definitely fun candies. Let us find out how these magic candies work...

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Do you have freckles on your face? Find out why!

Freckles are common in people who are born with light coloured hair and fair complexion. It is not that these people are the chosen ones, but it is just that there is some chemistry involved here. Let us unveil the secret behind these freckles...

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Why is water hard or soft in nature?

Have you wondered why the water tastes differently in some parts of the country; especially the rural areas? We will tell you why...

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How Balloons Evolved?

No birthday parties or marriage parties are complete without balloons. But have you ever given a thought on how balloons came into existence? Let us find out...

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Discovery of Pesticides and Insecticides

Have you ever given a thought on how the insecticides came into existence and what do they contain? Well let us find out...

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Bid good-bye to bad hair days with Keratin Treatment

For last few months, keratin hair treatments are making lot of buzz in the beauty industry. There are many speculations about this treatment. Let us find out how this treatment works and what keratin is.

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