Two atoms collide with each other while trying to board a train.

The first atom asks, "Are you alright?" "No, I lost an electron!" the other replied glumly. "You sure?" "Yes, I'm positive, he replied."

How hair detangler works?

Hair is the crowning glory of any girl or woman. In fact, in recent years, even men have grown a fascination towards having long tresses. Right from Bollywood to Hollywood, many actors have started a trend of long tresses and new look in their films. May it be Bruce Lee or Sanjay Dutt, most of the celebrities have boasted of great long hair at some point of their career. However, managing long hair is not a child's play. It is important to maintain them and keep them tangle-free as much as possible.

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Why do stars twinkle?

"Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what they are up above the world so high like a diamond in the sky!" Heard of this rhyme? This is a famous nursery rhyme that most of us would have learnt while we were kids. Indeed this rhyme makes lot of sense. How many of us know the answer behind this small question, why do stars twinkle?

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How do glow paints work?

Every kid likes his/her room to be painted with cartoon characters like Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. And instead of sticking the boring glow stickers on the ceiling of your house, painting it with glow paints is definitely a better option as it lasts longer as compared to the stickers and gives a better look as well.

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Why Does Turmeric Turn Red?

You are busy eating your food when a spoonful of curry falls on your white shirt. You decide to go home and wash it. The moment you dip the shirt in soap water, the stain turns red. You are horrified! How come the otherwise yellow coloured stain turned red the moment it came in contact with the soap?

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Why Do Rings Turn Your Finger Green or Brown?

Finger rings look good on our fingers, however, after a while the rings start discolouring our fingers. Have you wondered why this happens? This awful discolouration can be a good reason for you to stop wearing a finger ring made out of high quality metal which was an esteemed possession all this while. Let us find out the reason behind this...

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Wonder why Platinum is so expensive

You keep wondering why all celebrities take pride in owning a platinum piece of jewellery while the gold rates keep soaring on one side. Let us find out the reason and also more about platinum and how it was invented?

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Unlocking Aloe Vera's Secrets

What is the secret behind this cactus called as aloe Vera? What properties does it have that gives it the ability to heal wounds and other skin related issues. Let us unlock the secret...

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Hearing Aids, a Boon to those with hearing problems

Hearing loss happens more commonly in elderly people. However, it is not restricted to them; there are many children who suffer from hearing loss due to several reasons. This is when hearing aids came to their rescue. Let us find out how these hearing aids work and how did they evolve.

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Know the different types of Soil

The soil forms the main portion of a ground and it is important for us to learn to appreciate it. Soil is important as far as plant growth is concerned and we need to make an effort to know more about it.

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Know the Stem Cell Technology

The stem cell technology is the latest as far as the medical field is concerned and there is lot of excitement happening around this particular method of treatment. Let us know more about this treatment...

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