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Discovery of the Periodic Table

Just as we have tables in mathematics to remember the calculation of various numbers, a periodic table is also a must when it comes to calculation of different properties and the atomic numbers of various chemical elements. Let us find out what a periodic table is and how it was discovered.

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Know the chemistry behind airbags

Airbags have saved many lives since their introduction in early 1980s. Every car boasts of having an airbag. But do you know what an airbag is and how and why is it considered as an asset to your vehicle? We will tell you why...

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How Tattoo evolved?

Tattoos are indeed the latest fad among most people. Before going for a tattoo, you must be curious to know what tattoos are, how they evolved and whether it hurts and so many other doubts...Tattoos have never developed overnight. They have been existing since decades. What have evolved are the designs and the methods. Let us find out how...

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Understanding the history of artificial nails

Women have been decorating their nails since decades. They have been associated with long nails since ages now. Long nails symbolize femininity and at once were also seen as a symbol of wealth and status. Let us discover how artificial nails evolved...

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Know how crayons made their debut

Every kid loves drawing and colouring. Even adults love colouring. The first colouring tools that we as kids get introduced to are the wax crayons. No matter what age we are, the wax crayons do not miss a chance to fascinate us. Talking about wax crayons, do you know what they are and how they evolved? Well let us find out...

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What's the magic behind trick birthday candles?

Do you know the magic behind tricky birthday candles? The more you blow the more they relight. Is this magic? Well not really, it is simply chemistry. Let us find out the magic behind the tricky birthday candles...

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Why do leaves change colour?

Why leaves change colour is an exciting question and the answer is also equally exciting. If you ask an average person, you will probably get an answer like the leaves dry and they wither. But that is not the right answer. Let us explore why leaves change their colour...

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Chemistry behind artificial sweeteners!

It may sound ridiculous to find a sweet that will help you maintain your weight. But it is possible. Thanks to the artificial sweeteners that have replaced the sugar in sweets! We will tell you how artificial sweeteners actually work...

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How do sunscreens work?

The market is flooded with sunscreens. Each company is trying to sell their product by bringing out a unique feature. But have you ever given a thought on what these sunscreens do and how do these sunscreens work? Let us find out...

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Always under attack by mosquitoes? Find out why!

Do you consider yourself sweet-blooded just because mosquitoes attack you more than others? Well, people may call it just your imagination to rule it out, however that is not right. Mosquitoes really have their preferences and may find one target more attractive than the other.

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