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Why is the sky so blue?

Have you ever tried asking this question why the sky is blue in colour to your teacher? It is interesting to know what renders the blue colour to the vast sky. Definitely there is an answer to such questions. Let us find out the answer right away.

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Fire extinguishers save lives. But how do they work?

A fire extinguisher is almost a necessity in such places as it will end up saving your life and property in case of emergency like a fire. As the word goes, fire extinguisher is used to extinguish fire. But do you know how this thing works? Well let us discover...

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Why does ice always float and not sink?

We all love to have our drinks cold. Either we add cold water to our drink or simply toss in some ice cubes. But have you ever wondered when you add sugar to water, it goes right down to the bottom of your glass, but when you add ice cubes, they float instead of sinking. We will help you find an answer...

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Why do onions make us cry?

Your mother asks you to chop some onions and the mere thought of it can literally make you cry. Have you ever wondered why do onions bring tears to our eyes when we cut them? We will tell you why...

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What is Mehndi or Henna?

In India, almost any celebration is incomplete without mehndi . Be it a festival, a marriage or any other auspicious occasion, a mehndi ceremony is a must-have. Talking about mehndi, let us first get to know what exactly this mehndi is and how does it get a distinct colour.

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Why do we smell when we sweat?

Sweating can be quite annoying especially if you have to attend an important function and you wish to look your best. Sweat tends to leave a big wet patch either on your back or under your arms. Wonder what sweat is and what makes it odorous and smelly? Let us find out...

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What are pheromones? How do they affect us everyday?

Have you wondered how do insects get attracted towards the opposite sex of their species? Well, when you ask around, you will probably find an answer like blame it on their hormones! The answer is partially right. The magic of attraction is because of pheromones.

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What makes a Neon light Glow

Almost every city seems colourful in the evenings. It is not that someone has painted the city with particular colour but it is because of neon lights. Neon lights are being used almost everywhere. Have you ever wondered how do these neon lights glow in the dark?

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Why is smoking so harmful?

Smoking is becoming a lifestyle problem and is leading to some serious health issues. Let us discover why is smoking so harmful.

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Know the difference between Baking powder and Baking soda

You are busy watching a cookery show when the host asks you to add baking powder at one instance and baking soda at the other. Confused? Don't be! We will explain you the difference...

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