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History Behind Kohl Pencil

Women decorate their eyes with kohl and it definitely looks good as it lends a definition to the eyes and makes them look more beautiful. But have you ever thought how this kohl evolved? Let us discover...

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What are nanorobots?

Each one of us has been to the doctor for some reason or the other. Imagine one day you go to a doctor for treating persistent fever and instead of prescribing medicines or an injection shot, the doctor refers to a medical team that implants a tiny robot in your bloodstream. Surprising isn't it? Let us find out how...

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Know How Boot Polish Evolved

We love anything that shines, that looks good. In fact we are also concerned about the shoes that we wear. But have you ever given a thought on how the shoe polishes evolved and what is it that makes our otherwise dull shoe shine?

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Meet Mr. Teflon!

When your mother pours the pan cake dough, to your surprise the pan cake comes out clean without even a piece sticking to the pan. You wonder if this is some kind of magic! This is definitely the magic of Teflon! Let us discover more...

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How was soap invented?

Soap is being used widely almost by every person in every part of the world. Have you ever wondered how was the soap invented? Do you know how the soap gained so much popularity? Can we actually imagine a life without soap?

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Pencils - The past and future of these wonderful tools

Children all over the world learn the simple facts using the humble pencil. Here is an insight about how pencils were discovered and how are they made.

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When did people start having tea?

Are you enjoying a cup of tea as you are reading this article? If yes, then keep up the good work as soon you will realize the history and some other interesting facts about tea.

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Know the invention of washing machines

Life is so much simpler these days. Everything revolves around a single button! Washing clothes without having to rinse, dry or soak is just a blessing in disguise. Do you wish to know how washing machines evolved? Let us discover....

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3 reasons why you should wear cotton in summer!

How do we feel when we come under a huge umbrella after walking for few minutes in scorching heat? Why do we start sweating too much especially if we are wearing clothes made of synthetic or any other fabric besides cotton? You will soon find an answer!

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How is calcium vital to the body, especially teeth?

When one talks of milk, the first thing it gets associated with is the important nutrient, calcium. Milk is considered as an essential source of calcium. But is calcium really important to our body, especially to our teeth? What is this fuss all about calcium? Let us find out...

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