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Aerogel - The Guinness Book of Records champion material

Aerogel holds 15 entries in the Guinness Book of Records, more than any other material. It may be the most unique substance on Earth. It's the lightest solid in existence according to the Guinness Book.

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LASIK surgery. Quick correction of short sight.

Poor vision is one of the most common physical ailments in the world. The eye is a complex organ that requires a very exact arrangement of components to function properly. If even one of these components is not precisely shaped, then light that falls on the eye will not be focused correctly.

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The magnetic stripe on your credit card

The black stripe behind a credit card contains important information about your bank account in magnetic code. Anything that de-magnetizes the stripe can wipe out the code and make the card unusable. Some common "de-magnetizers" are magnetic clasps on a purse or wallet, televisions, and stereo speakers.

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Why does chocolate turn grey sometimes? Is it still safe to eat?

Chocolate - the magic word that can make anyone smile. But what happens when this wonderful treat turns grey? Well let's find out.

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How do artificial flavors work?

All the snacks and chocolates that you love to feast on have something in common. If you read the packaging carefully you'll see the text 'Contains Artificial Flavors'. If you ever wondered what that means, read on.

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Why can we see through glass?

Window panes, drinking glasses, lenses for spectacles, cameras and telescopes, table tops, paper weights... Glass is so much a part of everyday life that we rarely stop and ask how we can see through glass?

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How does popcorn pop?

The sound of popcorn popping is almost as much fun as eating it. No wonder it is the most popular snack at movie halls and homes around the world. But what makes it pop in this unique way? Stop wondering and read on.

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Why does snow look white?

One of the reasons why we love snow is that it's clean, pure and white. Snow wouldn't be snow if it wasn't white. But if you think about it, it seems weird that snow is white at all, since it's just a bunch of transparent ice crystals stuck together. So where does it get its color?

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Is it true that sugar explodes?

Imagine you are at the breakfast table and about to put some cereal in the milk. Now as you reach for the sugar from the bowl, the spoon clinks against the bowl and - BOOM? Sounds impossible? Could be. Read on to find out more.

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Why do some balloons float upwards and others don't?

Every one loves balloons. Round, colourful and they explode with a bang.
Have you wondered why the balloons we blow ourselves don't float, while some float up and away?
Hold your breath...the secret is about to be revealed.

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