What kind of tree do you find in a Chemist's garden?

A chemis-tree

Molecular Robots

Over time, the science of medicine has got better. Now few of us suffer much from infectious diseases like malaria or typhoid, and many of us live longer lives. But with age come new kinds of illness like Alzheimer's. Completely new kinds of medicines are needed to treat such illnesses.

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Cricket bats over the times

The IPL fever is on. So we thought, wouldn't an article on cricket bats be apt for the occasion?

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How does aqua regia clean gold ornaments?

Sometimes you may have seen an old gold ornament at home that has got spots or other signs of age. Your parents may take it to a 'polisher' to get it cleaned and polished. But did you know that the polisher actually removes a layer of gold?

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How coffee came to India

If you've been in South India, you'll see people enjoying steaming cups of 'filter coffee' in the morning. Did you know that it was quite an adventure for coffee to come to India?

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The Discovery of Blood Groups

If someone you know gets hurt and needs a lot of blood, you have to find a blood donor who has the same blood group. Did you wonder why this is so necessary? Why not anyone's blood? The answer lies in the chemistry of blood.

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Why life needs a Goldilocks Planet

You'll have heard the fairy tale of Goldilocks - the girl who ate the Little Bear's Soup because it was neither too hot nor too cold. Well, life needs a planet just like that - neither too hot, nor too cold.

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How do plaster casts help healing?

If any of your friends has had an accident, you'll see the hurt arm covered in plaster. Why do doctors do this? Chemistry tells us why.

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How are essences made?

When you open a bottle of rose or lavender scent, do you wonder how it came to be there? Let's have a look at how the fragrance of a rose is trapped and bottled!

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How do you froth milk?

When you go to a coffee shop, do you wonder how they make those pretty patterns on the coffee froth? And did you ever wonder why you get a thick froth in the shop coffee, but just a thin one at home?

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Why are people's fingers marked during elections?

Whenever an election comes round, you'll see that people who voted have an ink mark on their fingers. Why do they get it, and why does it not rub off?

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