What happens when potassium iodide is added to a disulphide?

K.S. Nagabhushana

What is Ozonised Water?

In your school water cooler, you might have seen a huge, inverted plastic jar saying 'Ozonised water'. Ever wondered why anyone wants to put ozone in drinking water?

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How does Mayonnaise remain creamy all the time?

Mayonnaise is such a fun thing to eat - it goes with bread, chapattis, burgers, pizzas, everything. How does it stay creamy all the time - even though it keeps going in and out of the fridge?

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The Polymer that won the Korean War

In the Second World War, soldiers injured on the battlefield often died of very low blood pressure before they could reach hospital. But there was a dramatic change when the Korean War happened. There was a miracle life saver around - dextran.

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Rare Earths - Materials for the 21st Century

Heard of praseodymium and dysprosium? They sound like tongue twisters, don't they? They're a part of our daily lives - right inside our gaming consoles, mobile phones and digital cameras! So let's see how they affect us.

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What is dry ice?

Tried making ice-cream at home? All that ice and salt makes such a mess, doesn't it? What if there was a dry kind of ice, that didn't melt into a mess? Well, there is - it's called dry ice.

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The most beautiful experiment in chemistry

As we start celebrating the International Year of Chemistry, let's think about chemistry and beauty. What makes an experiment beautiful? Does it have to be clever, or prove something unbelievable? And which is the most beautiful of them all?

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Using nanotechnology for drug delivery

Today, when you have an illness, you have to take medicine in several doses, as pills or syrups. Imagine a day when you have to take the drug only once, and it works a whole lot better. Nanotechnology can help do that.

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Urea and the beginnings of organic chemistry

Urea is one of the most important chemicals in use today - as a fertiliser and industrial raw material. It is also the chemical that gave birth to the science of organic chemistry. Let's see how.

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Video: Mountaintop Chemistry

Did you think chemistry meant there had to be a big lab with lots of gadgets? Here's a video, where scientists make an anti-cancer drug - in a tent on top of a mountain!

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Imagine you're an electron on a motorcycle, zooming along on a smooth, empty road. No speed breakers or potholes to stop you. In an instant, you've reached your destination. Well, for an electron, such a road is called a superconductor.

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