An eight year old was asked, 'What do you think is a cation?'

Her quick reply was a positively charged kitten.

Cream of tartar: your friend in the kitchen

Why are tarts and pastries made in bakeries so much smoother than when we make them at home? That's because they use a secret ingredient - cream of tartar.

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Video: Graphene

Imagine a great sheet of material just one atom thick, but which is very useful. Here's a video about it.

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Why is sulfuric acid called the king of chemicals?

What's common to petrol, fertilizers, cars and soaps? They, like a lot of other things, require sulfuric acid to be made. That's why sulfuric acid is called the king of chemicals.

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Why do pumice stones float in water?

Imagine having a bath with volcanic foam. Weird? Not really, because lots of people use it everyday - as pumice stones.

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What causes 'hospital smell'?

Ever stepped into a hospital, and immediately noticed the curious smell? It's not the smell of disease, but of a particular disinfectant that hospitals prefer to use. This disinfectant is iodoform.

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Video: Chemistry in India

Let's join Prof. Poliakoff on a journey through India, as he experiences both achievement and tragedy in chemistry.

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How do light sticks work?

If you go on a camping vacation, do pack some light sticks in your kit. They are useful for getting some light without electricity or matches. And they come in lots of colours.

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Video: a bigger periodic table?

We created an interactive periodic table for you that explains all about elements in a fun way. Now news comes that the table might just get bigger!

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Artificial Diamonds

It is said that diamonds are a girl's best friend. But does that mean artificial diamonds are false friends? Not really, for they are quite useful to humans for many reasons.

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How is a mirror silvered?

Ever been to a mirror maze in an amusement park? Did the reflections get you completely lost, and made you wonder how these things are made? If yes, you'll find the answers here!

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