Two atoms collide with each other while trying to board a train.

The first atom asks, "Are you alright?" "No, I lost an electron!" the other replied glumly. "You sure?" "Yes, I'm positive, he replied."

Video: Exploding Cake

When you think of a chemist, do you think of a serious person in a white coat? But chemists love to have fun too, in their own special way. Here's a video of a special chemistry party!

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The Many Ages of Ice

We've heard scientists telling us that global warming is causing the ice in Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean to melt. Did you know that these ice sheets hold some secret stories in them? It's the story of how our earth's atmosphere changed over many millions of years!

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What are antioxidants?

All of us love drinking fruit juice. Did you know they provide us with a nutrient we really need - antioxidants. Let's see how.

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Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science

The 19th century was a turning point in India's history, with many new technologies introduced by the British. Inspired, some Indians wished that our country too should be at the forefront of discovery. That's how India's oldest scientific research institute started.

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What is neutral soap?

Some people nowadays use special liquid soaps and beauty bars to wash their hands, instead of regular soap. Think they're being snobby? Not really. Let's have a peep into what's in those special soaps.

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The chemical history of photography

Today, with a digital camera, we can snap / an image, upload it on the net and share it with our friend in a jiffy. But when photography started, it took hours to take a photograph, which would come out very blurred. Let's take a trip backward in time, and see how photography began.

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Video: Penicillin

Sometimes, a molecule comes along that changes the whole world. One such is penicillin - the antibiotic that has saved countless lives since it was discovered accidentally. Let's know more.

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The Chemistry of Cheese-making

Who does not love cheese - whether as the sticky covering on hot pizza or as the hard cubes that are delicious to nibble at? Let's have a look at how it is made, and try and make some ourselves.

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Graphite over generations

It's present everywhere - from the lead in your pencil to nuclear reactors. Let's have a look at how graphite has become important to the human economy.

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How do lithium ion rechargeable batteries work?

Once you've used a battery, you've got to throw it away. But batteries contain many poisonous chemicals, which damage the environment. That's why the world is shifting to rechargeable batteries. Shall we see how these work?

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