What kind of tree do you find in a Chemist's garden?

A chemis-tree

The Artificial Ripening of Fruits

If you've ever had a fruit before it ripens, you'll never forget the sour, unpleasant taste. So why are fruits unripe in the first place, and why does it ripen later on? Let's look beneath the skin.

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Future fuel: from your septic tank!

Ever had the experience of going to dad for pocket money, and he starts grumbling about how expensive everything has become? Especially the cost of fuel? If the price of petrol was less, you might get a little more pocket money, wouldn't you?

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Video: More About Hydrochloric Acid

In an earlier video, we learned a bit about hydrochloric acid. Let's understand more about this famous acid.

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Video: Hydrochloric Acid

It's a very dangerous acid, and yet it's found in our stomachs and helps us digest food! Let's know more about hydrochloric acid.

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How are synthetic fibres made?

Imagine you're getting late for school, and you discover that your shirt hasn't been ironed. It makes you so angry, doesn't it? Well, do you know there are fabrics that don't need ironing? They're called synthetics.

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Video: Guncotton

Today, we know nitrocellulose as the material with which film rolls are made. But did you know there's a raw form of it called guncotton?

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Drinking up the sea

You've probably had fights with your siblings over chocolates. But did you know that your children might have to fight one day over a glass of drinking water? Let's see what we can do to avoid a situation like that.

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How is artificial rain made?

What's common to boiling water, artificial rain and the Mentos-Diet Coke reaction? It's nucleation! Let's see what that means.

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Chemistry of fibreglass

If we told you that you could make a crash-proof car entirely out of glass, you'ld never believe us. But not just cars, even motor-boats and aeroplanes are made of glass today. The secret is in how the glass is made - as fibres!

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Butterfly wings: the future of banknotes

Few of us can resist admiring the pretty colours on a butterfly's wings. They are fabulous when they catch and reflect the sun's rays. But did you ever imagine that they could be used to make currency notes safer?

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