Q: Which is the smartest element in the world?

A: Einsteinium, of course!

How does milk of magnesia work?

If you don't eat on time, you get a feeling of uneasiness and stomach pain, right? Adults call it acidity. Let's see what it means, and how milk of magnesia can cure it.

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The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2010

This year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to Akira Suzuki, Richard F. Heck, and Ei-ichi Negishi for "palladium-catalysed cross couplings in organic synthesis". Let's see what this means.

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Peptides: Medicines for the Future

Your friend might have been given tamiflu to cure him of a bout of bird-flu, but did he end up with a stomach-ache too? Like tamiflu, many medicines have side-effects. In the future, we may have a new form of medicine called peptides that won't have any side-effects!

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What makes perfumes smell nice?

When your mom is going to a party, you'll have seen her spray on some expensive perfume. Why does she do this? What's the secret in the bottle?

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Why is Copper added to Gold Jewellery?

Let's tell you a jeweller's secret - the gold jewellery your mom wears, isn't pure gold at all! It's actually an alloy of copper or silver with varying amounts of gold! So why do jewellers and goldsmiths do this?

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Unweaving the Rainbow

The English poet Keats wrote a famous poem called Lamia, criticising scientists. He lamented that they had 'unwoven the rainbow' - i.e. by explaining how a rainbow is created, destroyed its beauty. But the science that explains a rainbow, also explains the secrets of life and the birth of the universe!

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Mirror Compounds - A Tale of Twins

You'd have seen few twins as unlike each other as the boys in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. In chemistry too, there are twins, like the chemicals that give oranges and lemons their flavours. They're called mirror compounds.

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IUPAC - the Government of Chemistry

Imagine you've just discovered a great new chemical and you tell the world. Someone else now claims that she discovered it first. Whom would you go to, to decide the facts? You go to IUPAC.

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What gives gems their colour?

If you've seen 'Pirates of the Caribbean', you'll have seen people fighting over rubies, pearls, diamonds and other coloured stones. What makes them so colourful and shiny, and why are they so precious?

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Crystallography - The Beautiful Science

Last year, Venkatraman 'Venki' Ramakrishnan won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering how the ribosome works. The method he uses has helped a lot of other scientists Maurice Wilkins, Linus Pauling and Dorothy Hodgkin win the Prize too. It's called Crystallography.

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