Which solvent bottle when breaks, makes a nice sound?

Acetone (ace-tone)
K.S. Nagabhushana

Why are Noble Gases noble?

In many cultures, those who do not get angry when provoked, do not get influenced by anything and keep their dignity when in the presence of 'base' people are called 'noble'. Now what if a gas showed these traits? Would you call it a Noble Gas?

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Green Fluorescent Protein

It glows a bright green, it comes from a jellyfish, and is often found in the dark corners of scientific labs. Sounds eerie? But it is one of the best friends biotechnologists have, and has helped us solve many mysteries of life!

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Video: Fiery phosphorus

You know a match helps to light a fire but did you know phosphorus is the key element used in making match sticks? This video explains the chemical characteristics of phosphorus and why it is such a hot element.

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The Chemistry of Stone Age Art

In the Stone Age, chemistry was unknown. However, humans had learned the use of pigments for making pictures and symbols. We can see them in caves around the world. How did they know about these pigments?

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Video: Carvone (Spearmint)

Chewing gum is so much fun to have. Who can resist the fresh taste of spearmint? Did you know that the chemical Carvone is responsible for this fantastic flavor?

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The Royal Society

When you have a bright idea, who do you share it with? When scientists have a bright idea, they share it with other scientists in a 'learned society'. This tradition was begun by Britain's Royal Society.

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Indoor Pollution: The Dangers at Home

It is so refreshing to get back inside the house after a tiring day, leaving behind the noise, air and light pollution of the traffic. But did you know that pollution is as serious a problem indoors as it is outdoors?

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The story of gums: the plot gets thicker

What makes chewing gum gummy? What makes jam jammy? What makes sauce saucy? It's gum! So let's read a story about gums.

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How do we clean up an oil spill?

We've been seeing news of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, but now there's one much closer home. After two ships collided on Monday in the Arabian Sea, lots of petroleum has leaked, and is reaching the coast of Mumbai. How bad is it going to get?

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India, Indigo and Independence

Well, we know chemistry influences the world. But did you know the curious history of a chemical accident - that's tied to our country's struggle for independence?

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