Q: What do you call an element that spends all its time playing hockey on horseback?

A: Polo-nium!

Video: Aqua Regia and dissolving gold

Gold has always been considered the metal of kings. Yet even this precious metal cannot withstand the chemistry of Aqua Regia - dissolver of gold.

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The Lamp That Saved Lives

We depend on coal-burning thermal power plants for much of our electricity. But do you know that coal mines are extremely dangerous places? Let's read how a simple lamp made coal mines much safer places to work in by shedding some light on the situation.

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Collodion: the stuff of horror and healing

We may rarely watch a horror movie, but we often wonder how those grotesque effects were created. Or perhaps how film artists make fake scars and bruises. Let's explore the chemistry of special effects make-up!

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Why are cakes baked in borosilicate glass dishes?

When you're baking a cake at home, your mom will tell you to put the cake mix in a special borosilicate glass dish to keep for baking. Why does she ask you to do that?

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Video: Demystifying mercury

We have all had to use a thermometer some time or the other. If you ever wondered what that silvery fluid that helps tell temperature about, this is the perfect video for you.

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Plasma: the fourth state of matter

Like fish in the ocean, we humans too, live in a giant ocean. We spend all our lives in a gigantic ocean of plasma, but we're barely aware what it is! Physicist Max Babi explains all about plasma - the fourth state of matter.

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Cholesterol: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

You may have seen some TV ads talking about managing cholesterol with one or the other brand of cooking oil. Let's try and understand how cholesterol is important to us.

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Potassium permanganate: the all rounder salt

If you've seen a well being cleaned, you may have noticed that a reddish brown powder is thrown into it. That would be potassium permanganate, which is one of chemistry's most useful substances.

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Antiseptics: A clean bill of health

You might grumble when your mom makes you wash your hands with soap before sitting down for dinner. But did you know that washing hands is so important, it actually saves lives?

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Video: Understanding Chemical Bonds

If you have had difficulty trying to know the difference between covalent, ionic and metallic bonds, here's a video that can help.

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