A chemistry teacher asked her student one important thing he learned in the lab.

The small boy replied, “Never lick the spoon!”

What is chromatography?

Some medicines we buy are mixtures of two or more drugs in a particular proportion. But how do manufacturers ensure that those proportions are correct? They use an analytical technique called chromatography.

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Video: The Fuss about Uranium

You'll have seen or read in the news about how some countries are trying to develop nuclear weapons, and how some countries are trying to stop them. The element uranium lies below all of this fuss, so let's try to understand its chemistry.

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An Electrifying Tale of Furniture Polish

Try this little experiment. Take an old, unpolished piece of wood and rub it vigorously with a woolen (or cotton) cloth. Then bring the piece near your hand. Did you get a small electric shock?

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Alloys of the future

If you look around, quite a lot of things in your home, your car or your school will be made of alloys. An alloy is a material made by smelting two or more metals together. Alloys have thousands of uses; indeed our lives would be very different without them. Let's have a look at some exciting alloys that will dominate our lives in the future.

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Video: Understanding pH

If you have had difficulty in school trying to understand the concept of pH, here's a video that can help.

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Fertilising a greener tomorrow

We know that too much carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is causing climate change. If we increased forest cover on land, we could reabsorb some of the CO2. But did you know the best solution is actually in the oceans?

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Catalysing a greener planet

If you or your friend bought a car recently, you may know that it has to adhere to BS-IV emission standards. Ever wondered what these are, and why we must stick by them?

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Video: How Plants matter to Chemistry

The plant kingdom is very important to us, for it provides us with food, clothing, wood and many other products. Most importantly, plants convert carbon dioxide to life. What secrets do they hold for our future?

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Honey I shrunk the lab!

When doing chemistry experiments at school, you might have heard your teachers telling you to use as little as possible of every chemical. Now imagine of all chemistry could be done with just one drop! That's the idea of a lab-on-a-chip.

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The green way to bright light

We often see posters or TV ads advising us to shift from ordinary tube lights and bulbs to CFL lamps. Let's explore why it makes sense, and why it is good for the environment to do so.

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