A neutron walks into a restaurant and orders a seven-course dinner. When she's finished eating, she asks the waiter how much she owes.

The waiter replies, "For you, No Charge!"

Video: Carbon Dioxide (part II)

In the last video, we saw how carbon dioxide was useful to us in many ways. So why is it such a danger to the planet?

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Video: Carbon Dioxide (part I)

We know today that carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by our activities is causing climate change. But how much do we understand of this intriguing molecule, and how important it is to us?

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Disposing radioactive wastes safely

Radioactive materials play an important role in our lives. Some of the electricity you use comes from a nuclear power plant which uses them. Radio-isotopes are used in many medical applications. But did you know that once used, radioactive substances must be disposed off carefully?

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Green: the new colour of chemistry

After you have done with your chemistry practicals at school, what do you do? You pour the chemicals down the sink. Now imagine thousands of factories doing that, and you'll realize we have a problem. Luckily a solution is coming about - green chemistry.

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Video: What happens when crude oil spills into the sea?

If you watch news on TV, you may have seen images of petroleum spilling into the sea in the Gulf of Mexico. It causes a lot of environmental destruction, as it affects the fishes and other creatures of the sea, as well as birds like pelicans and sea gulls that live by the sea. But why does an oil spill cause so much destruction?

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E-waste: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

Nowadays, we've hardly bought a new mobile phone or computer that new models appear. Have you ever wondered what happens to those old phones and laptops we stopped using?

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From Tragedy to Triumph at Montreal

You may have heard of the dangerous hole in the ozone layer. Have you wondered how it came to be? And how countries are trying to plug it? That is the story of the Montreal Protocol.

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Making Eco-friendly Plastics

When you next go shopping, you'll probably come back with a plastic bag or two. Try an experiment with it. Take a flower pot, and bury a paper bag and a plastic bag in it. Wait for a month, and dig them out. Which one had degraded?

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How can I earn carbon credits?

Every activity we do leads to the emission of some carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Do you know that you can now measure how much carbon dioxide you are using, and thus know how to reduce it? This is done by trading 'carbon credits'.

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Celebrating World Environment Day

Chemical science has done much in the previous century to benefit humans - from creating new drugs, creating exciting new materials and discovering the basis of life. But as Spiderman says, with great power comes great responsibility. And the biggest responsibility is to protect the environment.

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