Q: What is the name of 007's cousin who lives in the Arctic?

A: Polar Bond.

A sad tale to TEL

You may have heard an elder asking for unleaded petrol at a pump. Do you know why lead was once added to petrol? And why it was discontinued?

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Growing Greener Food

While chemistry has been a great benefit to us, sometimes its applications have caused harm. The widespread use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers is an example. One step towards the solution is growing more organic food.

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Now you see it, now you don't!

If your father is a diplomat you might have noticed him scribbling on a note with a pen that didn't seem to have any ink in it. Though invisible ink is something you read in stories it really does exist. Here's how it works.

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Chilly hot, water cold, chilly hot again?

When you've eaten something spicy, you take a quick gulp of water to damp the hotness. But after sometime, it feels hot again. Why?

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Sensors and Sensibility - Keeping workers and consumers safe

Every year, our country adds more and more factories, which produce a wide variety of things. Along with such growth however, comes the challenge of ensuring the safety of workers and consumers. Chemical sensors are important tools in ensuring safety.

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Why is chlorine added to swimming pools?

Ever taken a dip in a swimming pool, and wondered why the water tastes funny? That's because of the chlorine added to the water, as a disinfectant.

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The strings of life: discovering DNA

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), is sometimes called the most important chemical on earth, because it makes up our genes. But did you know the tale of its discovery was a long journey, involving many scientists?

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How are glass bulbs frosted?

When studying for exams, you may have been bothered by the harsh glare from a light bulb or tube light. Use a frosted bulb, which reduces glare by giving diffused light.

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How is puff pastry made?

Whenever you eat a khari biscuit or a veg. puff, have you ever wondered how the baker made those thin, crispy layers? There's a lot of chemistry behind it.

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How does an anaesthetic put you to sleep?

Someone in your family may have had an operation. Have you wondered why they are made to sleep before being taken to the operation theatre?

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