What happens when potassium iodide is added to a disulphide?

K.S. Nagabhushana

Photosynthesis-the future of biofuels?

We have heard that photosynthesis is the process by which a plant converts solar energy to chemical energy by using chlorophyll. What you might not know is that scientists in France have discovered a way to use the same photosynthesis into electrical energy.

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The chemistry of chalk

We spend a lot of the time in the class room watching teachers write on the blackboard with chalk. But when was the first time that we started to use this little white stick?

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Why does wine get crystals over time?

The process that turns grape juice into red or white wine is basically a chemical process. Discover the chemistry behind this process.

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Lava Lamp

Lava lamps are interesting curios to have. Though they often don't look like much, we kids are captivated by how those little blob things are always in motion is quite fascinating.

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Creating artificial fog

Artificial smoke and fog provides a special effect for music artists performing on stage. Most artists make use of this effect to complement it with lighting while they are on tour. This extraordinary visual effect would not be possible were it not for chemistry.

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Whipping egg whites into shape

You might notice that some of your mother's recipe books specifically ask you to beat egg white in glass bowls. Even these little things are connected to Chemistry.

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How antacids work

There are times when your tummy is not all right, after you have been eating all that junk food and soft drinks. Your mummy might give you some pills to make you feel better. It is likely that this medicine is an antacid. Learn about how these medicines help you feel better and the chemistry behind them.

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The sparkling truth about diamonds

Diamonds are always called a girl's best friend. They are formed from carbon and are used for a variety of purposes from jewellery to use in lasers and cutting and polishing tools. Though most diamonds are colourless you do come across a few; rare coloured diamonds.

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The chemistry of alchemy

Alchemy is one of the earliest and mystical forms of chemistry. We often see references of it in storybooks and television serials. Here, alchemy has a mystical image that is tied up with wizards and their pursuit for the Philosopher's Stone. Yet alchemy is a very real science and has it roots in chemistry.

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What makes toothpaste work?

We use it every morning and every night, yet we never stop to wonder how toothpastes actually prevent those nasty cavities and keep us away from that terrifying dentist. The chemistry behind it is quite simple really.

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