What kind of tree do you find in a Chemist's garden?

A chemis-tree

Understanding ozone depletion

Ozone is a protective layer that surrounds the earth. Due to various forms of man made pollution there are holes forming in the ozone layer. If we do not take preventive action this continent sized hole will grow even bigger and have harmful effects for the planet.

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Looking back at Plaster of Paris

We have all seen a plaster cast some time or the other. They help people who have had accidents and broken their bones to get better quickly. The same substance is used to make sculptures and decorate your home.

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Mighty Milk

Most of us enjoy a glass of milk. Whether we have it plain or flavoured, milk is the ultimate health drink that our parents have given us. This white wonder is full of healthy vitamins and other chemicals.

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A trip back to the atom

One of the first things we study in chemistry is how the atom forms the basic building block of everything. It is the simplest unit of matter. But have you ever wondered when man first discovered the atom?

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The colourful truth about dyes

We all like to wear colourful clothes. Whether a special occasion or just daily wear, it's always nice to add a little colour in our lives. Dyes are the chemical substances that are responsible for turning plain cloth into the colourful garments that we wear every day.

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Household cleaners

We use chemicals to keep our house clean. Two popular chemicals used for this are ammonia and bleach. Though both are effective cleaners, you might notice a warning on their containers telling you not to mix each other.

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What makes an eggshell and why do they crack?

You may have heard your mother telling you that when you boil an egg you should keep it in cold water and then heat it slowly. Did you know that there is chemistry at work behind this advice?

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Getting down to earth with facts about fertilisers

Just like the human body requires important nutrients to survive, plants also need essential nutrients. Apart from getting these nutrients naturally, we sometimes help plants by giving them fertilisers that encourage their growth.

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A few facts about carbon fibre

Carbon fibre is a lightweight yet strong substance. Many things from sports equipment like golf clubs and tennis racquets to sports cars use carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is easily identifiable by its unique chequered appearance.

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The future of biofuels

Biofuels has long been considered an alternative to traditional fossil fuels. In the 80's this was one of the most popular solutions to the planets fuel crisis. Scientists today are realising the drawbacks of using this as an alternative to normal fuels.

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