NaCl(aq), NaCl(aq), C C C C C C C was the equation that the chemist was thinking of when he knew he needed a vacation. What did it mean?

Saline, saline, over the seven Cs

Astounding facts about alcohols

Think of alcohol and you may think of the drinks like beer, wine and whisky that your dad may lock away or reserves for those special parties where only 'adults' are allowed to drink. But for a chemist, these are just few of the alcohols that a chemist knows.

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Understanding hydrocarbons

Hydrocarbons are compounds that are made entirely out of hydrogen and carbon. We come across hydrocarbons in our day to day lives but don't realise it at times. When you go to the petrol bunk you fill your car with a mixture of hexane-septane-octane- nonane mixture. Doesn't sound familiar? Its gasoline!

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How plastics are made

We all use products that are made out of plastics. From the toothbrush that we use in the morning to the plastic cutlery of take away food, plastic has become part and parcel of our life.

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Why cold cream is so cool to touch

Cold cream gets its name from the cool feeling that you get when you apply it on your skin. It is used to cleanse the skin, remove makeup and soften the skin. They are also used on sunburnt skin. How this cream manages it is a cool bit of chemistry.

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How the paints that colour our lives work

We all like a bit of colour in our life. Man has been using paints to give us this touch of colour ever since the days of cave paintings where red and yellow ochre colouring was used to draw pictures. Today paints and dyes are used for everything from home appliances to homes themselves.

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What makes stain removers, remove stains?

Even though our mother warns us time and again, we somehow manage to drop something like tea or dal on our favourite shirt. That shirt would be ruined if it were not our mother's stain remover. Did you know that there are more than ten different types of stain remover? These range from stain removal powders, tablets, liquids, to sprays.

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The fundamentals of fermentation

Though you may never have heard of fermentation, you are likely to have experienced it. Fermentation helped make that piece of toast you had for breakfast. It is also responsible for making yoghurt, wine and beer.

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Few facts about fuel cells

Have you heard of the electric car? These cars are very similar to the normal cars. What makes these cars different is that they use large batteries to power them instead of using petrol. What make these environmentally friendly cars possible are fuel cells.

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A tale about the frigid lakes of titan

It is easy to pick out Saturn in a map of our solar system. You see it portrayed with its beautiful rings that surround the planet. Today scientists are discovering that one of the moons of Saturn, Titan has the chemistry properties to make it viable to sustain life.

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Catching CO2

We all know the ill effects of too much CO2 being in the atmosphere. This is the gas that primarily contributes to the phenomenon of global warming. The problem is that though man is producing more and more CO2 everyday how does one actually catch the CO2 we emit and what do we do with it once we do so.

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