Q: What happens when the elements stage a play?

A: They actinium (act-in-'em)

The chemistry behind batteries!

Can you imagine what a day without batteries would be like? Almost everything around us is powered by batteries. From your television remote to your mobile phone and even the family car has a battery in it. Without the battery, our life would be a tangled mess. We would have to use long extension wires for anything that needed to move a distance.

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Why does hair turn grey?

Having grey hair is part of growing old. Even in your own family you are likely to have uncles and aunts who have grey or white hair. The changing of hair colour is just another example of chemistry at work in your own body.

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Why doesn't oil dissolve in water?

Water is the 'universal solvent', almost all substances dissolve in it. Oil is the one substance that does not dissolve in water. However hard you try you will always see that if you try to mix the two, you will notice that the oil layer lies about the water.

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Why does cabbage change colour when cooked?

If you have ever watched your mother cooking red cabbage you might have noticed it changes colour once it's cooked. Strange isn't it? Not if you think that cooking is chemistry after all and this is another excellent example of chemistry in our everyday life.

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The chemistry that brews in your cup of coffee

Today there are cafe's everywhere and new ones keep cropping up. Everyone enjoys a coffee break to catch up over a cup of coffee. Though we enjoy drinking a cup of coffee, few of us know that it is the chemistry behind your cup of coffee that makes it enjoyable?

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The sticky facts about superglue

One of the strongest glues available at your local hardware store is Superglue. Just one-square inch of this glue can hold up to a ton! What's more this glue is fast. It can fix anything within seconds of applying it.

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Shedding a little light on photovoltaic cells

Do you remember seeing your dad's calculator that had that strange strip which powered it? Remember how you were playing with it when you asked him to help you solve your maths problem? Wasn't it fun to keep your finger over the strip and after a time to see the calculator shut down? That was a photovoltaic cell, the thing that makes solar energy possible.

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Protein, the building blocks of our body

Protein plays an important role in your diet. Our body needs protein as it is a major part of the skin, muscles, organs and glands. This is why your mother plans your diet to ensure you have a lot of protein in it.

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Is too much water bad for you?

The first thing you reach for when you are thirsty is a glass of water. Nothing quenches your thirst like a glass of water. However, too much of anything is not good. Drinking too much water can give you water intoxication.

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Is jelly a solid or a liquid?

We enjoy having jelly for dessert. It is not only a colourful dessert, the way jelly wobbles makes us enjoy playing with it while we eat. Why jelly wobbles all boils down to chemistry.

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