Q: Which element's clothes are never crumpled?

A: Why, iron, of course!

Let's understand lactose intolerance

Everyone enjoys a healthy glass of milk to go with doughnuts, cakes, pancakes, cheese, cookies and such food. Yet not everyone can have milk or any of these foods. Why? Because there are some people who have something called lactose intolerance. Their bodies can't digest lactose, the sugar found in almost every dairy product.

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Coral Bleaching

Corals are one of nature's wonders. You may have seen videos of divers swimming near colourful coral reefs documentaries or movies. These beautiful sea organisms are now losing the algae that give them their colour. This loss of colour is caused by stress factors like pollution, water temperature and sedimentation and is known as coral bleaching.

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The story of paper

Story books, newspapers, magazines and notebooks are all made of paper. Though we use paper every day, we take it for granted since it's easily available. Yet inventing paper itself was a challenge for man.

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The chemistry of correction fluid

Correction fluid is an opaque, white fluid that is used to paint over writing or painting errors. Before the invention of word processors, correction fluid was the easiest way you could correct a mistake in a handwritten document.

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Sparkling facts about tooth whiteners

Everybody loves to have white teeth. One of the most common procedures that dentists do these days is cosmetic dentistry. In this, tooth whitening is the most common and successful procedure. Over the last few years, tooth whitening has become very popular as it's an easy, inexpensive way to show off.

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What goes into making a pencil

I am sure you would have used a pencil in the recent past. Whether it was just to doodle something or to take down notes, the pencil is an excellent tool to make a marking that is not permanent. Pencils are usually made of graphite or in some cases coloured pigment or charcoal, encased in a wooden cylinder. It can be used for writing, marking and drawing.

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Fast facts about food colours

Isn't it interesting to eat colourful food? Did you know that often food colouring is added to make what you eat so colourful? Any digestible substance added to food or drink in order to change its colour is known as food colour. Food colours are used both commercially as well as in domestic cooking.

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Tree logging and its environmental impact

Have you seen cartoons and movies in which people, while cutting trees, shout 'Timber" as loudly as they can? This is to alert co-workers and people in the area as a safety precaution that a tree is going to fall.The process of cutting down trees in large numbers for the purpose of timber or forest management is called logging.

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The basics about biogas

Biogas is formed when organic matter breaks down due to no oxygen. This gas is made of methane and carbon dioxide and is used as a fuel. As a form of fuel, biogas is especially important for the villages of India, who use it for their cooking.

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Chocolate, strawberry, mint, chocolate chip, butterscotch, vanilla - the list is endless. You may have just one favourite flavour, but whether we're five years old or fifty, we all love ice cream don't we? But there's a lot more to ice cream than most of us generally know.

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