What was the chemist's reaction when he discovered two new isotopes of Helium?

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The stinging truth about acid rain

When you hear the words acid rain, you think of something that is dangerous and is likely to burn you skin. Think about it, what could be worse than having acid which seems to burn everything it touches when falling from the sky. Why even umbrellas aren't going to help us then!

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The basics about balloons

Balloons are fun. Well, aren't they? Be it the small ones you see at birthday parties or the giant ones you see floating in the sky, balloons are wonderful. If you are fascinated by balloons, the chemistry behind it will just blow you away.

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What gives the blue in blue jeans?

Jeans are stylish. Jeans are cool. And jeans are mostly blue.

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Cement: the backbone of building tomorrow

Cement is the one of the most common substances used by man. Whether it's a small village, town or bustling city, cement is the one substance that helps in making strong buildings.

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Understanding ceramics

You must have noticed a set of smooth plates, cups and bowls at home that your mother keeps safely. She must have even told you to be careful while using it. Chances are there that these pieces of crockery are made of ceramic.

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Fun facts about chewing gum to chew on

Chewing gum is one of the oldest sweets known to man beginning as a chewy tree sap from the Mastiche trees of ancient Greece. Across the world even the Mayans of South America liked chewy treats. It was in the 1800s that entrepreneur John Curtis introduced chewing gum to the US with his small sticks of "Maine Pure Spruce Gum."

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Chocolate: Food for the Gods & food for thought

'Chocolate' is one word that is mouth watering. Who could resist the delicious aroma of melted chocolate or a crunchy chocolate bar? Did you know that chocolate has 500 flavour components and a number of types, to suit every palate? In fact, chocolate's melting point is just below your body temperature, so it melts in your mouth! The melting increases our brain activity and heart rates, making us get excited and wanting even more!

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All you ever wanted to know about cloud seeding

Have you ever wondered if you could make rain when you're feeling hot? Or just whenever you want? Learn how this can be possible with cloud seeding.

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Fiery facts about firecrackers

We love to make noise as kids. We also like things that make noise. This is why firecrackers are so much fun. Especially the ones that make the maximum noise.

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Understanding genetic engineering

You must of heard of the term genetic engineering in the news or in the papers. But what does it mean? Is it good for us? What are its benefits? If you have ever had any of these queries, then you are in the right place!

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