NaCl(aq), NaCl(aq), C C C C C C C was the equation that the chemist was thinking of when he knew he needed a vacation. What did it mean?

Saline, saline, over the seven Cs

Now just breathing air can cause a Stroke

Ever thought that the air you breathe could affect your life so much that it could be the reason for a stroke?

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Liquid Biopsy - the latest in Cancer Detection

Researchers are testing a new way of detecting cancer. It's called Liquid Biopsy.

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What the 18th Century and today's touch screens have in common

Could an acoustic violin produce music without strings? May sound like Sci-Fi but will soon be a reality. That's the piezoelectric effect.

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James Bond also needs a little help from the Chemistry Lab

It's like a meeting of great minds - James Bond meets the Science Guy. Students and Professors of Harvard's School of Engineering and Applied Science has created a chip which tests chemicals and can also be used as an encryption device.

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Kitchen Chemistry or Molecular Gastronomy - you choose

What do high class restaurants have in common with chemistry labs? Nothing - unless you are talking the very contemporary twist to cooking - Molecular Gastronomy.

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The changing face of graveyards

When people die, instead of being placed in a barren abandoned cemetery, the Capsula Mundi Project creators came up with an idea to bury the dead in an organic pod, so their remains could be used as nutrients to grow into a tree.

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Unusual Compounds

Which was the first deliberately produced man made chemical compound? Scientific history has no definite answer to this question.

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Living coral reef found in Iraq

Despite all odds and rampant environmental degradation, new coral reefs are emerging.

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Solar Rooftops becoming a threat in Hawaii

Environmentalists and policy makers hailed the initiative of solar panels on rooftops, now the tune is changed.

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Hospitals being cleaned by UV light robot

Humans v/s Machines Humans 0 Machines 1. Humans v/s Robots Human 0 Robots 1...and so it continues

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