A party of electrons was attacked by a group of pesky protons. A mysterious stranger appeared on the scene and saved the group of protons. The electrons asked the mysterious stranger "Who are you?"

The hero replies,"I am Bond, Covalent Bond." - Prachi

Geothermal energy: Harnessing the power of the planet

Wouldn't it be interesting if the earth were a rechargeable battery that we could use for all our energy needs. With geothermal energy this may just be possible.

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Getting to know glass

It's very clear that glass is an important part of our everyday lives. From the glass we drink water in, to the spectacles we wear, to window panes; glass is just everywhere.

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Global warming and greenhouse gases

The earth is surrounded by an envelope of gases called atmosphere. These layers of gases include gases called Greenhouse gases. It is these gases that make living on our planet possible.

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Why do we detect an odour when LPG leaks

Your mother might have warned you many times to tell her if you ever get a pungent smell from the kitchen. The smell might have been from a gas leak. Read on to know what it actually is. And what you should do when you detect a leak.

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It's raining raincoats

When it rains, it pours. The only way to stay dry when there are strong winds is a raincoat. You may use one when you go to school or you may have seen your dad wear one when he goes for work in the rainy season. Haven't you ever wondered how these raincoats are different from the normal clothes you wear?

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The secret about smog

On a cold winter morning, if you take a walk outside in our nation's capital, you are likely to be surrounded by a thick cloud of smoke. And you may not be able to see anything at all. This is because of smog. Here is a little clarity about why things get smoky during the winters.

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The origins of soap

Everyone needs to stay clean, whether we like it or not. After a rough day on the playing field, a bath with soap gives us that fresh feeling. Soap is wonderful, the way it bubbles and the sweet smell that it has. Apart from bathing, we wash our clothes and clean our utensils with soap. We use soap everyday but do we know the story of soap? It is an excellent example of everyday chemistry in action.

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The science behind soda water

We all love to have a sip of our favourite soft drink when we are thirsty, especially in summers. And we also love to have a little fizz in it. This fizz is the bubbly effervescence that is produced by adding pressurized carbon dioxide gas to water. It's also called carbonated water or just soda water.

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Ever wondered why people use Iodine in CAT scans?

Have you ever been to a hospital with a person who needed to have a CAT scan done and wondered what that was all about? A CAT scan is a special kind of X-ray. It provides a three dimensional image of what is inside an object by using several two dimensional X-ray images. You may have seen a nurse giving patients an injection before the CAT scan begins. This is usually a solution of iodine.

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How to harness the power of the waves

The earth is running out of fossil fuel. Soon there will be none left. So, the search for a clean and efficient alternative is on in full-swing. Harnessing the power of the waves is one way to create energy. Have you felt the power of the waves when taking a bath in the sea? The energy produced by surface ocean waves is tremendous. It's used to create electricity, to pump water into reservoir, and in desalination.

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