Q: Which is the most gullible element?

A: Pb. It's easily lead.

Why does a kitchen gas burner glow yellow when liquid comes in contact with it?

If you have been in the kitchen when your mother boils some water or milk, you may notice the flame of the gas burner turns yellow when liquid comes in contact with the flame. Did you know that there is chemistry at work behind this?

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Why does baking soda extinguish fires?

Playing with fire is always a dangerous thing. In the case of an accident, you can extinguish a fire in a number of ways. One of them is by using baking soda.

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Why do fish smell when you buy them?

Heard of the saying "something smells fishy"? Have you noticed how a fresh fish smells different from one that is not so fresh? Yes, once again it is chemistry that is the reason behind this.

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Why ice cubes are cloudy on the inside

Have you even tried to see through an ice cube? It's always a little hazy. Isn't it strange that transparent water when frozen becomes cloudy ice? And did you know chemistry is at play even here?

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