What did the scientist call the benzene ring that had iron atoms replacing the carbon ones?

A ferrous wheel!

Neutralize: The Acid Bass Reaction

The first thing that we learn about an acid is that it is sour; remember the first time you bit into a lemon? The word acid itself comes from a Latin word which means sour and they are good at exsolving substances. The most common acid on earth is water. To add to your confusion water is also the most common base.

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Chemistry In The Current Industry

Chemistry is responsible for converting raw materials like water, oil, natural gas, air, metals, and minerals, into more valuable products. Almost everything that we need today has chemistry involved in the production process; in fact 70% of chemicals manufactured are used to make products by other industries including other branches of the chemical industry itself. Here is an overview of the chemical influence in industries today.

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Carbon Nanotube Material: The Magic Coating

Carbon nanotubes are a promising new nanomaterial with super strength with several other intriguing physical properties. These materials are so strong that scientists have speculated that they might be the material required to build an elevator in space. There are many such incredible applications just on the horizon.

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Temperature Vs Heat

Temperature is a term that is very easily thrown around in reference to hotness and coldness. If your tongue touches a piece of hot apple pie the heat transfers from the hot pie to your tongue. The direction of spontaneous energy transfer is always from a warmer object to a neighboring cooler one. But are temperature and heat interchangeable terms?

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Pharmaceutical Chemistry

After swallowing a tablet how does it get absorbed in the intestines and how does it in the end treat your ailment? When the research in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry was initiated, the initial focus was on how drugs move in the body and through cells which is called Intercellular drug trafficking. Fluorescence microscopy is mainly used in this field. Certain Microscopes equipped with a camera can detect certain compounds that have innate fluorescence properties which helps us actually see the molecules.

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Lab Safety 101

Some of the best and worst memories for a chemistry student have been in the lab. Like the time your partner accidently washes the wrong vile because he could not find anything else to conduct his experiment. Bad I know but we are focusing on lab injuries today. Injuries in the lab are a very common occurrence and everyone has a story to tell. So that is what we are going to discuss in today's blog along with some good techniques for using lab equipment correctly.

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Why are liquid crystals so interesting?

Does not the term liquid crystal seem like a paradox in itself? How can matter coexist simultaneously in two forms with largely opposing properties. Paradoxes often hide a very important fact that the engine of evolution is the perennial conflict between order and disorder. In crystals we can see how perfectly ordered structure can grow autonomously. In solid crystals this order dominates completely. The molecules organize themselves into a 3D structure which is symmetrical.

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The Nucleus: A Glue That Keeps It All Together

Back in 1827, a botanist named Robert Brown was looking at pollen grains under a microscope in his laboratory and noticed that they jiggled randomly. It was not until 1905 that Einstein theorized this jiggling and established the reason as atomic particles smacking into the grains of pollen. This was backed up by mathematics which proved his theory predicted this motion perfectly. This botanist wasn't forgotten and the motion was later called Brownian motion. This was the start of various scientific sub-atomic explorations...

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Organocatalysis: The opportunities and challenges

The use of small organic molecules as catalysts has been known for more than a century. But only in this past decade has organocatalysis become a thriving area of general concepts and widely applicable asymmetric reactions.

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The Chemistry Of A Mystery Called Water

In today's fun chemistry exploration we celebrate the magical bond between 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom, the only substance in the universe to exist in all 3 forms, we look at the life sustaining properties of water.

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