An eight year old was asked, 'What do you think is a cation?'

Her quick reply was a positively charged kitten.

Rudolph A. Marcus And his theory of electron transfer

Rudolph A. Marcus came up with his theory on electron transfer which is also known as Marcus theory and also won a Nobel Prize for the same in 1992.

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Paul B. Weisz Pioneers Use of Hydrous Silicates as Catalysts

Paul B. Weisz pioneered the use of natural and synthetic zeolites, which are also known as hydrous silicates as catalysts. These catalysts are highly selective and facilitated only certain reactions between specific molecules of given shapes.

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Joliot-Curie Discover Artificial Radioactivity

Irene Joliot-Curie and Frederic Joliot Curie jointly discovered artificial radioactivity. These isotopes rapidly became important tools in biomedical research and in the treatment of cancer and related diseases.

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Herbert Henry Dow Unveils New Ways to Extract Bromine

Herbert Henry Dow has invented many successful diversifications and several business reorganizations, first into chlorine chemicals, then into organic chemicals, such as phenol and indigo dye, and finally into magnesium metal.

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Maxine Singer Decodes the Language of DNA

Maxine Frank Singer helped in deciphering the human genetic code and the chemical language that DNA uses to create the proteins that keep our bodies going and growing.

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Reinhold Benesch & Ruth Erica Benesch Find How Oxygen is Transported in Human Body

Reinhold Benesch and Ruth Erica Benesch are American biochemists who put in forty years to find out how oxygen is transported in our human body.

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Georges Urbain, Baron Carl Auer von Welsbach, Charles James discover Lutetium

Lutetium is very difficult to separate from other elements and the principal commercially viable ore of lutetium is the rare earth phosphate mineral monazite. Let us find out how it was discovered...

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Soren Sorensen introduces the pH scale

Any chemistry laboratory is incomplete without the pH scale. A pH scale is very important and is required for almost every chemical procedure that is conducted. Let us now explore how this important thing came into being.

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Louis Jacques Thenard discovers hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide, the most effective cleaning agent has become an indispensable part of every household. Let us find out who discovered this solvent and how it was discovered...

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Roy J. Plunkett discovers Teflon

Almost every household has utensils that are Teflon coated. It is so easy for us to cook in a pan and not worry about the batter sticking to it and all. However, as we enjoy the benefits of this magic coating, it is important for us to know about the person behind the invention of this masterpiece.

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