Q: Which is the most gullible element?

A: Pb. It's easily lead.

Fritz Haber

Fritz Haber was a German chemist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on synthesising ammonia, important fertilisers and explosives.

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Frederick Soddy

Remembered for his contributions in the field of radiochemistry and the discovery of isotopes, Frederick Soddy won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1921.

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Francis Aston

Francis William Aston won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering isotopes by conducting mass spectrograph of isotopes. He conducted this research in a large amount of non-radioactive elements. He is also remembered for his whole-number rule.

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Theodore Richards

Theodore Richards was the first American to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He was awarded it in 1914 for accurately determining the atomic weight of 25 elements.

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Gerhard Herzberg

Gerhard Herzberg was born on the 25th December, 1904, in Hamburg, Germany. A pioneer in both chemistry and physical chemistry, he won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1971. The asteroid 3316 Herzberg too is named after him.

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John Northrop

John Howard Northrop was a joint winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1946 for his work on purifying enzymes, proteins and viruses.

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William Giauque

William Giauque was born on 12th May, 1895 in Niagara Falls, Canada. Giauque was a chemist and won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1949.

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Carl Bosch

Carl Bosch was born on 27th August, 1874 in Cologne, Germany. He was a German chemist and engineer. Carl won the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1931 for his contribution in the introduction of high pressure chemistry. The asteroid- 7414 Bosch was named after him in his honour.

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Victor Grignard & Paul Sabatier

Francois Auguste Victor Grignard and Paul Sabatier were joint Noble Laureates for chemistry in the year 1912. They were both French chemists who started their careers in different fields, mathematics and physics, but made respectable contributions to the field of chemistry later in their life.

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Frederic Joliot Curie & Irene Joliot-Curie

Frederic Joliot-Curie and Irene Joliot-Curie were both French scientists. Husband and wife, they were jointly awarded Nobel laureates in 1935 for their joint discovery of new radioactive isotopes which they prepared artificially. They are also known for their contribution towards the discovery of the neutron.

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