Q: Which element's clothes are never crumpled?

A: Why, iron, of course!

Coenraad Johannes van Houten: Discovery of Cocoa Powder

Chocolate drinks, chocolates, chocolate cake, the mere words can make your water mouth! Who is not fond of chocolates? Coenraad Johannes van Houten is the famous scientist who discovered cocoa powder, the main ingredient of chocolate and chocolate flavoured items.

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Wallace Carothers: Father of Nylon

Fishing nets, parachute cords, machine parts, toothbrushes, silk stockings, carpets, bridal veils, carpets, ropes, vehicle tires, sporting bags, combat uniforms ... do you know what do these things have in common? They are made of nylon. Wallace Carothers is the person behind the discovery of nylon.

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Johan August Arfwedson: The Man Behind Lithium

Each one of us uses a mobile phone. The mobile phone has a battery and the lightweight and efficient battery is made of lithium. Lithium has many interesting and important uses. Know the history behind Lithium.

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Discovery of the Dynamite, Thanks To Sir Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel gave us a gift called as the dynamite which has made life easier for those who are in the mining industry to blast the rocks. He knew about the destructive power of dynamite and hoped that it would not lead to warfare.

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Secret Behind the Plants Pigments - Sir Richard Willstatter

Want to know how the plants got their pigments and how do they function, owe your thanks to Sir Richard Willstatter.

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Vaccinations, thanks to Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur devised the first vaccines for humans, thereby saving millions of lives by long term prevention of disease. He also challenged the myth on spontaneous generation, thereby setting the stage for modern biology and biochemistry.

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Discoverer of the Atomic Structure, Niels Bohr

We know that all matter is made up of atoms. Unless we know how atoms function, we cannot go deeper into scientific possibilities. So understanding the structure of atoms is fundamental not only in chemistry, but also to almost every field of science and technology.

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Inventor of Carbon Dating, Willard Frank Libby

How can we find out how old a dinosaur fossil is? Or an ancient shipwreck discovered at the bottom of the ocean?
Willard Frank Libby came up with the method known as Radiocarbon Dating, a process that revolutionized the way we look at artifacts and document world history.

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Father of Microbiology, Robert Koch

Cholera and Tuberculosis were two of the most dangerous killer diseases in the late 19th century. Cholera was nicknamed 'King Cholera' because no one seemed to be able to cure it. Tuberculosis was known as the 'White Death' because sufferers vomited up white matter as their lungs disintegrated.
Meet the man who made a breakthrough in the fight against these diseases, Robert Koch.

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Helen Abbott Michael

Today we are able to genetically engineer plants to produce various useful chemicals. But did you know that this ability traces back to Helen Michael, who was among the first to study the chemical properties of plants?

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