An eight year old was asked, 'What do you think is a cation?'

Her quick reply was a positively charged kitten.

Gilbert Newton Lewis

Different kinds of reactions happen between chemicals. We know that metals give electrons to non-metals to form salts. But many compounds exist, which are formed by non-metals alone. It was Gilbert Lewis who explained how these compounds are formed.

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Emilie du Chatelet

While today many women are famous scientists, till just a few centuries back, they weren't allowed to do scientific research or even learn science. Emilie du Chatelet was one of the first women to break the barrier and become a practising scientist.

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Paul Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran

Every time you use a computer (such as in reading this article), you make use of the element gallium. It is an important component of semiconductors. Did you know it was Francois Lecoq who discovered it?

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Josiah Willard Gibbs

We read a little about Hermann von Helmholtz, the founder of thermodynamics, last week. But it was really Josiah Gibbs who helped it develop into a great science, which is followed by all chemists today. Let's know more about him.

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Herman von Helmholtz

Whether you're waiting for your noodles to get cooked, or racing along in a car, did you know thermodynamics is at work? That's a science which owes a lot to Hermann von Helmholtz.

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Jane Marcet

The Human Touch of Chemistry was created with the idea of making chemistry easy to understand, and great fun too. But even we were surprised to know that Mrs. Jane Marcet had just the same idea - 206 years ago!

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Claudine Picardet

For a long time, women were never allowed to do scientific research. Yet they played many important roles by writing books, being laboratory assistants and sometimes sponsors of scientists. Claudine Picardet was one such, for she conducted a 'salon' in 18th century France, where scientists could meet and discuss.

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Ya'qub Al-Kindi

When you study chemistry at school, have you wondered how it all started? While most famous chemists are Europeans and Americans, chemistry actually started among the Arabs. Let's get to know one of the earliest ones - Al-Kindi.

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Irina Beletskaya

Can you do advanced scientific research, even when there is very little money available to buy chemicals and equipment? If you are Prof. Irina Beletskaya, you always find a way.

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Allene Rosalind Jeanes

Often we know of a chemical or a device that helps save lives, but we don't know the person who made it possible. So in the international year of chemistry, we thought we'll introduce you to some such people. One of them is Allene Jeanes.

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