A chemistry teacher asked her student one important thing he learned in the lab.

The small boy replied, “Never lick the spoon!”

Fausto de Elhuyar

Tungsten is everywhere in our lives. A tungsten filament gives us light whenever we switch a tubelight or CFL on. Let's have a look at the chemists who discovered this vital element.

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August Kekule

Few scientists have left a stamp on chemistry as August Kekule has. Even today, chemists celebrate his life and work like a hero. So let's learn a bit more about him!

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Thomas Graham

You might have heard of someone whose kidney has a problem and needs something called dialysis regularly. This life-saving process was invented by Thomas Graham.

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Prafulla Chandra Ray

Many scientists are happy to make their discoveries, but are not interested in making a business of it. But a few rare ones understand why it's important to build bridges between science and industry. Prafulla Chandra Ray was the first Indian to realise this.

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Kathleen Lonsdale

Women have often had a tough time in science - first getting jobs, and then getting enough recognition for their research. Kathleen Lonsdale's life is a great inspiration to girls who want to become scientists. She showed they are as good (or even better) than boys.

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Ahmed Hassan Zewail

In a little town called Damanhur, Egypt, a little boy was very fond of learning science. His family dreamed that he would become a great professor some day. So they posted a small sign "Dr. Ahmed" outside his study to encourage him. He grew up to be one of the greatest chemists of our times - Prof. Ahmed Zewail.

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Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev

Imagine if there was an element no one had ever seen before, but one day you announce that you know all its properties. People will call you crazy, won't they? But that's what Dmitri Mendeleev did!

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Linus Carl Pauling

The power of science is often hard to know. How does a scientist know that what he has discovered will put to a good use, and not a bad one? Throughout his life, Linus Pauling grappled with this difficulty.

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Rosalind Elsie Franklin

A woman scientist from Cambridge University published an article in the April 25, 1953 on the journal Nature about the molecular structure of DNA. However two male scientists had written another article on the same subject in the same issue of the magazine. Those male scientists - Francis Crick and James Watson - got all the credit. The woman, Rosalind Franklin, vanished into history.

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Jagdish Chandra Bose

What happens if you take a rich magistrate's son and make him learn in a village school sitting besides the sons of servants and fishermen? He'll hear tales of birds and animals that make him curious about Nature. And that makes him one of India's first scientists - Jagdish Chandra Bose.

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