Two atoms collide with each other while trying to board a train.

The first atom asks, "Are you alright?" "No, I lost an electron!" the other replied glumly. "You sure?" "Yes, I'm positive, he replied."

Climate Challenge

Scientists from across the world have gathered to research climate change. The findings point to fossil fuels as the main cause for carbon emissions. This has agitated the mafia who have kidnapped Dr. Kumar a well-known climate change scientist from India. Step into an interactive experience and help Dr Kumar escape the clutches of the dreaded mafia by answering critical questions related to climate change, energy efficiency and greenhouse gases. Choose wisely as the fate of Dr. Kumar and the world lies in your hand.

Climate Quiz

How planet-friendly are you? Find out with the Climate Quiz. Answer 15 questions on climate change, global warming and greenhouse gases to become a Climate Champion.

The world of elements

If you are fond of chemistry, you will love this game. You'll be given the picture of a famous scientist, but with most of the picture hidden. Enter the correct letters of the alphabet to reveal more of the picture. In how many attempts can you find out the name of the scientist?

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