What do you call a headache that wants to become a migraine?


What is Biochemistry?

In between the disciplines of Biology and Chemistry there is an area known as Biochemistry. This involves the study of what is going on in living cells on the molecular level. Let us know more...

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Know about glass recycling

Most of us are aware about plastic recycling but are you aware that even the glass products can be easily recycled? Let us find out how...

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Meet the Insects That Make Cyanide

We all are aware that all animals and plants have their own defence systems that they use against predators. Insects are also included in this category. Burnet moths have not only adapted to their host's cyanogenic glucosides but also have the ability to synthesize and sequester hydrogen cyanide. Let us find out how...

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Mass Spectrometry helps identify molecules

Over the twentieth century, the Mass Spectrometer has become an indispensable tool of many types of chemists and will continue to be important. This piece of equipment is used to identify chemical compounds by breaking them up into smaller charged particles and then detecting them. The first apparatus to be called a mass spectrometer was built by Francis Ashton in Cambridge, UK in 1918.

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The History of Polymers

Have you ever thought how did we come to depend on plastic, Teflon, Nylon and Lycra? Today the market is flooded with different materials. Modern life would be incomparably different without synthetic chemicals which are called as polymers.

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Alcohol...More Than Just a Drink

The moment we say alcohol, the first thing that comes to our mind is drink... However, alcohol has better uses and is more than just a drink. Let us find out more about this important thing...

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Plastic Waste Disposal: Source for Green Fuel

A latest technology has come into being that helps in converting this plastic waste disposal into a good source of green fuel. Not only does this technology helps save our environment from waste accumulation but also helps us save lot of money... Let us find out how...

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New Battery: As Thin As Paper And Spread Like A Virus

With so many hybrid and electric vehicles being built, a change for the type of batteries used in them has become a necessity.

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Neodymium: Super Strength Magnets

Today, we have wind turbines and electric cars. The most used metal in these wind turbines and electric cars is called as neodymium. Let us explore more about this...

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New Research Provides Insight to Eye Condition

Age-related macular degeneration is the most common cause of blindness in the elderly population, but it could be prevented. Let us find out how...

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