One fine day Helium and Hydrogen met at a get-together, 'Why did you marry Carbon?'

The quick reply was "We bonded from the minute we met."

Meet the Organic Molecules

Have you ever given a thought what are these organic and inorganic molecules and what is the difference between an organic and an inorganic molecule? What substances are within the realm of organic chemistry? Let us read on and discover....

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A Look at Enantiomers and Their Role in Drugs and Perfumes

Enantiomers are those "handed" molecules that occupy an interesting place in both hard-science medicine and the mysterious, almost-alchemical world of scent. Let us find out more about these magical molecules...

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Folic Acid: The Importance of Vitamin B9

Folic acid is also known as folacin, vitamin M and vitamin B9 and is an essential component in a large number of biochemical processes in the human body. Let us find out how this important acid came into being and how it is important in our day-to-day life.

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Know How Indium Came Into Existence

Almost each of our house adorns electronic devices that are made of the metal indium and in fact even our mobile phones have gone touch screen! Let us find out more about this metal which is rare yet so useful.

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History of Tin

Nowadays, tin is an absolutely important element in the world economy and is used in a number of products. We cannot imagine anything without this metal, tin. Let us find out how this useful metal came into existence in the first place...

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Titanium: Modern Technology's Designer Metal

Titanium is a metal which is still hardly known by most of us. In fact, titanium has, in little more than fifty years, become almost the magic answer to almost every technological need. Let us find out more about this metal...

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Origins of Life: Biochemical Evolution

Fossilized bacteria inform the scientists the story of how life may have evolved in the unique environment of primordial Earth 3.8 billion years ago. Let us find out how life started....

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Nitrogen, the Reluctant Life Saver

Nitrogen is the most stable gas and has many uses attached to it. Let us find out more about this stable gas.

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Discovery of LSD - Psychedelic Hallucinogen

When we talk about LSD or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, the first thing that we tend to associate it with is hippies. This drug has a history with remarkable potential and was banned because of the misuse by the "hippies." Let us now find out how this particular drug came into existence.

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The History of Polystyrene

Today, with the discovery of so many compact discs or CDs, we do have CD cases to store these data storage devices. The material that is used for packing and also in CD cases plastic model kits is called as polystyrene. Let us now find out how this useful material came into existence...

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