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Green Fluorescent Protein

It glows a bright green, it comes from a jellyfish, and is often found in the dark corners of scientific labs. Sounds eerie? But it is one of the best friends biotechnologists have, and has helped us solve many mysteries of life!

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The Chemistry of Stone Age Art

In the Stone Age, chemistry was unknown. However, humans had learned the use of pigments for making pictures and symbols. We can see them in caves around the world. How did they know about these pigments?

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The Royal Society

When you have a bright idea, who do you share it with? When scientists have a bright idea, they share it with other scientists in a 'learned society'. This tradition was begun by Britain's Royal Society.

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India, Indigo and Independence

Well, we know chemistry influences the world. But did you know the curious history of a chemical accident - that's tied to our country's struggle for independence?

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The Lamp That Saved Lives

We depend on coal-burning thermal power plants for much of our electricity. But do you know that coal mines are extremely dangerous places? Let's read how a simple lamp made coal mines much safer places to work in by shedding some light on the situation.

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Plasma: the fourth state of matter

Like fish in the ocean, we humans too, live in a giant ocean. We spend all our lives in a gigantic ocean of plasma, but we're barely aware what it is! Physicist Max Babi explains all about plasma - the fourth state of matter.

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Antiseptics: A clean bill of health

You might grumble when your mom makes you wash your hands with soap before sitting down for dinner. But did you know that washing hands is so important, it actually saves lives?

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The House of Wisdom

Today, advances in science are made in well-furnished research institutes, such as the Tata Chemicals Innovation Centre. Did you know that one of the earliest research institutes was the House of Wisdom in Baghdad?

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Tyrian Purple: the Colour of Kings

Today, clothes of all colours cost the same. But did you know that a few generations ago, the cost depended on the colour of the cloth? This was because dyes were expensive to obtain. Tyrian Purple was a dye so expensive that only kings could afford it!

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Supercritical water: the solvent of the future

Almost everything we use today - plastics, medicines, synthetic fabrics - is made by some chemical process or the other. Many of these require organic solvents like benzene or acetone, which are environmental pollutants. How nice would it be if there was a way to make these useful things without needing harmful solvents?

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