Ever wondered why Helium, Curium, and barium are medical elements.

Well if you can't helium or curium you have to barium!

Alloys of the future

If you look around, quite a lot of things in your home, your car or your school will be made of alloys. An alloy is a material made by smelting two or more metals together. Alloys have thousands of uses; indeed our lives would be very different without them. Let's have a look at some exciting alloys that will dominate our lives in the future.

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Fertilising a greener tomorrow

We know that too much carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is causing climate change. If we increased forest cover on land, we could reabsorb some of the CO2. But did you know the best solution is actually in the oceans?

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Honey I shrunk the lab!

When doing chemistry experiments at school, you might have heard your teachers telling you to use as little as possible of every chemical. Now imagine of all chemistry could be done with just one drop! That's the idea of a lab-on-a-chip.

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Green: the new colour of chemistry

After you have done with your chemistry practicals at school, what do you do? You pour the chemicals down the sink. Now imagine thousands of factories doing that, and you'll realize we have a problem. Luckily a solution is coming about - green chemistry.

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From Tragedy to Triumph at Montreal

You may have heard of the dangerous hole in the ozone layer. Have you wondered how it came to be? And how countries are trying to plug it? That is the story of the Montreal Protocol.

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Celebrating World Environment Day

Chemical science has done much in the previous century to benefit humans - from creating new drugs, creating exciting new materials and discovering the basis of life. But as Spiderman says, with great power comes great responsibility. And the biggest responsibility is to protect the environment.

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A sad tale to TEL

You may have heard an elder asking for unleaded petrol at a pump. Do you know why lead was once added to petrol? And why it was discontinued?

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Sensors and Sensibility - Keeping workers and consumers safe

Every year, our country adds more and more factories, which produce a wide variety of things. Along with such growth however, comes the challenge of ensuring the safety of workers and consumers. Chemical sensors are important tools in ensuring safety.

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The strings of life: discovering DNA

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), is sometimes called the most important chemical on earth, because it makes up our genes. But did you know the tale of its discovery was a long journey, involving many scientists?

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Lighting up safely: the history of matches

History books tell us that Stone Age people would rub two pieces of flint very hard to produce a fire. Today we just strike a match, and it lights up immediately. Ever wondered how we came this far?

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