What is a joke involving cobalt, radon and yttrium?


The chemistry of alchemy

Alchemy is one of the earliest and mystical forms of chemistry. We often see references of it in storybooks and television serials. Here, alchemy has a mystical image that is tied up with wizards and their pursuit for the Philosopher's Stone. Yet alchemy is a very real science and has it roots in chemistry.

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What makes toothpaste work?

We use it every morning and every night, yet we never stop to wonder how toothpastes actually prevent those nasty cavities and keep us away from that terrifying dentist. The chemistry behind it is quite simple really.

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Understanding ozone depletion

Ozone is a protective layer that surrounds the earth. Due to various forms of man made pollution there are holes forming in the ozone layer. If we do not take preventive action this continent sized hole will grow even bigger and have harmful effects for the planet.

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A trip back to the atom

One of the first things we study in chemistry is how the atom forms the basic building block of everything. It is the simplest unit of matter. But have you ever wondered when man first discovered the atom?

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The future of biofuels

Biofuels has long been considered an alternative to traditional fossil fuels. In the 80's this was one of the most popular solutions to the planets fuel crisis. Scientists today are realising the drawbacks of using this as an alternative to normal fuels.

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When the ice melts in Greenland!

You may have observed that when you leave an ice cube outside, it starts to melt and turn into water. This is because the temperature outside your freezer is much higher. Imagine then what the effect of global warming will be to those places that are full of ice. One such place is Greenland, which has lost 1500 cubic kilometres between the year 2000 and 2008.

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An alternative to plastic - smart mud

Plastic plays an important role in our lives. From the toothbrush that you use in the morning to the alarm clock you set at night, it is very likely that you use some plastic everyday. Japanese scientists have now discovered a new substance that promises to be a possible alternative to plastic.

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A fresh look at fresh water

We use a lot of water in our daily for drinking, cooking, washing and sanitary purposes. Today we are facing a water shortage. It has been estimated that by 2050 almost a third of the people on our planet will not have access to this resource.

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The promise of pasteurization

It is common practice for us to boil a glass of milk before having it. Did you know that this practice has its origins in Chemistry and the benefits of which was first discovered by the French chemist Louis Pasteur.

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The chemistry of photographic film

Taking a picture is such a simple thing these days. Everyone seems to have a digital camera. If not, most mobile phones come with cameras. Yet in the beginning photography was as much a science as it was an art. The invention of film is where the chemistry and physics of photography collide.

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