What did the scientist call the benzene ring that had iron atoms replacing the carbon ones?

A ferrous wheel!

The promise of penicillin

Antibiotics are so common today that we take them for granted. Whenever we fall ill or get injured the doctor gives us an antibiotic to fight diseases and prevent infections. One of the first antibiotics discovered by man was Penicillin. It was discovered by Alexander Fleming, and is a drug that has been widely adopted and has lead to the development of other successful antibiotics.

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Cutting down on coal

Our country is highly dependent on coal, as a major source of power. Today with growing environmental awareness, India has vowed to reduce its coal emissions with new power plants using clean coal technologies.

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A tale about the frigid lakes of titan

It is easy to pick out Saturn in a map of our solar system. You see it portrayed with its beautiful rings that surround the planet. Today scientists are discovering that one of the moons of Saturn, Titan has the chemistry properties to make it viable to sustain life.

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Catching CO2

We all know the ill effects of too much CO2 being in the atmosphere. This is the gas that primarily contributes to the phenomenon of global warming. The problem is that though man is producing more and more CO2 everyday how does one actually catch the CO2 we emit and what do we do with it once we do so.

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The small wonders of nano technology

Nanotechnology is a type of engineering that deals with the design and manufacture of minute electronic circuits. It is a whole new level of engineering where everything is built at a molecular level.

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The secret of solar energy

Sun is the life giver to everything on earth. Plants, animals and humans spring to life with the touch of the first sunrays. The sun's energy or solar energy is a form of renewable energy received from the Sun in the form of solar radiation. This energy can be used to produce solar electricity.

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The environmental effects of dams

Dams are huge concrete constructions built to store water. You must have definitely seen one while traveling between cities. They are used to control flood hazards, store water for irrigation, and produce hydroelectric power. These are the benefits of a dam. But did you know they are also harmful in many ways?

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