Q: Which element do you call when a crime is committed?

A: Sherlock Holmium!

Know how vinegar came into existence

Vinegar is known for its multi-purpose quality. There are interesting folklores that surround this all-purpose liquid. Let us find out how it all started...

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Know how lipsticks came into being

The origins of lipstick lie in the mists of time; in the beginnings of human civilization in fact. Let us find out more about this...

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History of Microscope

Microscopes are unique tools that allow us to see the tiniest of objects under a magnifying light. Let us find out how these wonderful devices were discovered....

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Discovery of Hair Dye

When hair turns grey, people dye their hair with the shades of their preference. But have you wondered how this hair dye made a debut....

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Angiography: A boon for people!

Angiography is a method that has gained immense popularity over the recent years. Let us find out more about this medical advancement.

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Magnetic therapy as alternative medicine

Alternative medicine is based on old primitive methods, traditional medicine, folk knowledge, spiritual beliefs and new approaches to healing. Magnetic therapy is also one form of alternative medicine. Let us find out how it helps and how it came into being...

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Rewind back to the discovery of shoes

Today, we have a huge variety when it comes to shoes. Have you ever given a thought on how the first shoes were? Who invented them and could people afford them? Well, let us rewind back to find out the history of shoes.

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Chemotherapy: A boon for those suffering from cancer

Chemotherapy has now become an indispensable part of any cancer treatment. Let us find out how this treatment evolved...

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History of Sunscreens

Have you ever wondered how these so-called important sunscreens ever come into existence? Who invented this indispensable thing? Let us find out...

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How Hand Sanitizers Made Their Debut

With today's realization on hygiene and germ-free world, hand sanitizers have hugely replaced the traditional soap and water in many places. Let us find out how this hand sanitizer evolved...

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