Q: What happens when the elements stage a play?

A: They actinium (act-in-'em)

How Balloons Evolved?

No birthday parties or marriage parties are complete without balloons. But have you ever given a thought on how balloons came into existence? Let us find out...

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Discovery of Pesticides and Insecticides

Have you ever given a thought on how the insecticides came into existence and what do they contain? Well let us find out...

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Bid good-bye to bad hair days with Keratin Treatment

For last few months, keratin hair treatments are making lot of buzz in the beauty industry. There are many speculations about this treatment. Let us find out how this treatment works and what keratin is.

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Importance of Energy Conservation

December 14th is celebrated as World Energy Conservation day, so let us discuss some ways by which we can conserve energy and find out why energy conservation is so important.

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Origin of Toilet Paper

Have you ever given a thought on how this toilet paper came into existence? Just as important as this small piece of paper is, it also has an interesting past. Let us find out...

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Know How Face Powder Made Its Debut

Almost every woman or girl finds her make-up incomplete without dabbing the face powder. In fact if you ever get a chance to peek inside a girl's purse, you are sure to find a compact or compressed powder. Have you ever wondered what does this "magical" face powder do and how did the women find this piece of make-up? Let us explore...

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How Body Piercings Evolved?

You may be surprised to know that body piercings have existed since thousands of years. Let us find out the history of body piercings.

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The Low-down on Lollipops

Large rainbow swirls, a small heart shaped lollipop, marshmallow lollipop, and the mere thought of them can make your mouth water. Lollipops have been very popular. Let us find out how lollipops were discovered...

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The History of Chewing Gum and Bubble Gum

The act of chewing the chewing gum or making bubbles out of the bubble gum is enjoyed by almost every one of us, no matter how older we get. But did you know that chewing gum and bubble gum has been around since ages? Well, let us discover...

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Wonder why Platinum is so expensive

You keep wondering why all celebrities take pride in owning a platinum piece of jewellery while the gold rates keep soaring on one side. Let us find out the reason and also more about platinum and how it was invented?

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