Ever wondered why Helium, Curium, and barium are medical elements.

Well if you can't helium or curium you have to barium!

Molecular Robots

Over time, the science of medicine has got better. Now few of us suffer much from infectious diseases like malaria or typhoid, and many of us live longer lives. But with age come new kinds of illness like Alzheimer's. Completely new kinds of medicines are needed to treat such illnesses.

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Cricket bats over the times

The IPL fever is on. So we thought, wouldn't an article on cricket bats be apt for the occasion?

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How coffee came to India

If you've been in South India, you'll see people enjoying steaming cups of 'filter coffee' in the morning. Did you know that it was quite an adventure for coffee to come to India?

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The Discovery of Blood Groups

If someone you know gets hurt and needs a lot of blood, you have to find a blood donor who has the same blood group. Did you wonder why this is so necessary? Why not anyone's blood? The answer lies in the chemistry of blood.

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Why life needs a Goldilocks Planet

You'll have heard the fairy tale of Goldilocks - the girl who ate the Little Bear's Soup because it was neither too hot nor too cold. Well, life needs a planet just like that - neither too hot, nor too cold.

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Rust-eating bacteria

You might have seen a car scrap yard - a place where old cars lie rusting. Now there's news of a bacterium that can eat these cars - and thus help recycling iron!

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Lithium: The oil of a new century

Today, most of our vehicles and electric power plants run on fuels that come from petroleum. The supply of these fuels will end a few decades from now. So what would power our cars and homes? The answer may be lithium.

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Shale Gas: Naughty or Nice?

We live in a world where petroleum and coal are getting rarer and more expensive. We also know they contribute to global warming. Experts are now looking towards other sources of fuel like shale gas. Let's try and understand more.

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The Polymer that won the Korean War

In the Second World War, soldiers injured on the battlefield often died of very low blood pressure before they could reach hospital. But there was a dramatic change when the Korean War happened. There was a miracle life saver around - dextran.

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Rare Earths - Materials for the 21st Century

Heard of praseodymium and dysprosium? They sound like tongue twisters, don't they? They're a part of our daily lives - right inside our gaming consoles, mobile phones and digital cameras! So let's see how they affect us.

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